Issue loading game from my own sever

Hi Guys,

I have just finished the Adventure game module from the Unity2D course and would like to upload it to my own server. I followed the video instructions from the module and clicked ‘Build and Run’ with the WebGL option. Now I wanted to run the game on my own website - so I just transferred the project folder to the server and ran the index.html file in the browser.

Here is where the problem comes! The game shows the loading bar but it freezes at around 90%
I researched this and it seems others have the same issue. See link below:

I attached some screenshots of the 90% load bar and console log from browser.

Would really appreciate any help with this.

I’ve just found a workaround solution that seems to work.

File > Build and Run > Player Settings > Publishing Settings > compression format = disabled

Could anyone please shed light onto why this works and what the original problem was?


Good job on fixing the issue. Unfortunately, I don’t know why compression did not work in your case, but you are not the only one experiencing this problem. also recommends to disable the gzip compression because builds with gzip compression enabled don’t work on their server.

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