Isometric room

Hello everyone,

I’m to “mech” section of blender course, but I tried to do another project to test my skill with isometric room.

Please share your opinion thanks :blush:


Looks cool!

Btw. it fits here as well: 2021 Collab: Week 02 “Furniture”


It’s looking good. The only thing I would change is the doorknob. I’d put it on the right side so the door opens to the left. As it is now, it’s going to open to the right, and the hit the furniture you have on that wall.

Opening to the left would give it more room, as it wouldn’t reach the furniture on the left wall.


A few things you can improve. The seating is for small dwarves! Imagine a human related to the door size sitting on it. The door and unit handles are tiny too. The person that laid thos etiles had a bad day, it is a modern new room they would be practically perfect not higglty pigglety, you could also add mortar between them rather than cracks. Going by that door reference human size the mirror is low.


I have copied part of my home and it’s opening to the right side by the way thanks for your useful advice :+1::smiley:

For real the "door’ is french door so is tall until the wall.
Regarding the seating maybe do you think like this because of the perspective???

I posted it here too :slight_smile:

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No not the perspective. Is it made to real life measurements? Try checking the numbers.

It was not made with real numbers let’s say by “eye”

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