Is there any Godot 3D C# programming course available?


Is there any plan to create Godot 3D C# programming course ?

I don’t want to use GDScript because I want to use .NET libraries for other purposes aside 3D game programming.

Below are updated references of using Godot C#:

Godot C# Roadmap Discussion

The Future of C# in Godot

Your first 3D Game

Switching from Unity to Godot: The Definitive Guide

How To Use Visual Studio AND VS Code With Godot 4!


Hopes, this help.

OboShape answered this recently: Godot 4+ 3D C# Course? - #3 by Voxelette

But if you are familiar with C# (through Unity or otherwise) then you should be in a good position to apply it to Godot, referencing the docs, etc.

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Thanks for the info shared, I understand the current Godot v4.1.1 is not mature at the moment, and found some useful videos below,

Switching from Unity to Godot: The Definitive Guide

How To Use Visual Studio AND VS Code With Godot 4!

Yes, is true and easier when approaching Godot if coming from Unity, I only learn how to translate GDScript to C# now :laughing: which I am unsure is the correct way to go or not because GDScript is primary citizen, some features might not be available in C# and uncertain.

Hopefully Godot next release will be better and covers 3D mobile development in C#.

Thanks again.

tbh, ive not heard of any c# courses in godot as yet. but

heres a nice little part of the docs for API calls in c# for 4.1 with regard to their GdScript counterpart.
not complete, but should get a good bit of the way.

C# — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

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hi, thanks for the reference link, I am a bit worries to use Godot C# after knowing some issues reported since 2017 about using external editor like Visual Studio Code cannot generates signal connect routine, such as HERE.

It is a known issues not only happened to VSCode but other editors as well, understand Godot teams are working on primary functions at first but bug like this had been stranded around and delayed for FIVE years with no fix, I hardly can believe.

Sometime, may trigger misleading sensitive response from the Godot discord channels when posting such question about why this problem has no solution until today and often being asked to fix the bug ourselves the polite and rude ways.

I wondered why those Godot C# experts who replied, not looking into this problem after five years ?

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