Is there a way to turn on the bake section of Navigation?

I had to import the AI Navigation package to get the option of the window, but when I’m there, it only shows Agents and Areas. This is on Unity 2023.1.0a21.

Does it matter that I can’t seem to Bake the navmesh in?

The new Navigation system is no longer tied to a scene, but instead tied to a GameObject within the scene.

On any GameObject in the scene (I tend to use the terrain), Add a NavMeshSurface compnent. You’ll see a component that looks a lot like the old Navigation window. You can set options and bake here.

The new NavMesh system allows you to finally utilize multiple agents… so you can have a larger agent for that lumbering giant that can’t squeeze through all the same spaces a humanoid can, and a smaller agent that can zip right through those tiny gaps between the trees. You just need to put another NavMeshSurface within the scene, set the new Agent for it, and Bake. You can put multiple Surfaces on a single GameObject.

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That worked! Thank you. I am realizing now, after reading a bit more about Unity versions, that I may not have done myself favors by downloading the latest version. :-p

It’s tricky. Most of the time, upgrading isn’t an issue, but sometimes Unity makes a breaking change. The Navigation system in Unity 2022.2+ has actually been in “beta” for (wait for it) over five years. In fact, in my own projects, I’ve been using it almost exclusively for most of that time. It was still a bit surprising when (without even mentioning it), Unity pulled the old NavMesh system.

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