Is there a better way to search in the documentation API?

So i was following the lecture and i forgot about the method to get an SWidget object from our menu. After that I tried to search in the docs for a method inside UWidget to find it because i know it was there. But i couldn’t find it because the return type is not shown as “TSharedRef <SWidget>” but instead as “TSharedRef<…”

I was wondering if there is a resource or a way to search to avoid this kind of abbreviations. Or some kind of syntax to use in the search bar of the documentation page.

The most difficult thing i’m having with unreal coming from a programming background is to move around the documentation of unreal. There are multiple times that this kind of problem happens to me:

I know where something it should be located but it’s not shown enough information about it in the brief description of a method/class/property and I have to look for it elsewhere because it’s impossible to move around inside unreal documentation.

Any tips to deal with unreal documentation is appreciated even if it is not related to this particular scenario.

Unreal documentation (or lack of it) it is a really headage for me. I can’t help, sorry, and I also would really like to know the answer of this question.

The short answer is no. I got a survey from Epic recently enough about this and I believe they are planning to work on making it better. For now however, it’s not great for C++ but if you can get your head around the way it is organised, you usually can extract what you need.

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