Is creating scene this big considered bad practice?

i don’t really know how to handle scenes, i don’t know what’s better if i create multiple small scenes or few big ones. i prefer the former, but i’m afraid it might cause errors or performance issues.


That doesn’t look like a big scene. Also, “big” is not defined in Unity. For this reason, there is no answer to your question. Your scene looks fine to me but that does not mean anything.

Generally, don’t worry about problems unless you encounter a problem. Play your “big” scene. Is your game running smoothly? If so, the scene is not “too big” for Unity. If it is significantly laggy, build your game and test the build because the game window in Unity is laggy. If the build is laggy, too, optimise your scene, for example, by splitting it up into smaller scenes.

Don’t waste your time solving problems that you do not have. Always test the things you create to figure out if there is a problem.

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thank you.

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