iOS or Android?

The question is which do I prefer, iOS or Android?

I would eventually like to develop for iOS and Android. However, for this course I would like to focus on Android. My current OS is Windows 10, and I have a Samsung Gear VR with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.


IOS, I have iPhone, iMac and Macbook then I want to start with that platform

Android please.

Hi I have google cardboard / mac /iphone and would like to start off developing visually interesting games / apps for iOS! :sparkles::eyes::package:

Android and google cardboard to start with

Both. I have an iPhone 6 and Google Cardboard but for work need to develop for BYOD Cardboard and also have access to Samsung VR and Oculus. I work on both PC and Mac.

I am a hodgepodge. I develop on Mac and have an Android Samsung phone. I have DK2, Gear VR, but prefer the GoogleCardboard

Android. I don’t get ios. Their entire culture seems to be about restricting control.

Want to change your ringtone on an iphone? Gotta Install itunes, link to an icloud account, authorize the sound file, all the extra steps… etc. Want to change your ringtone on an android phone? Use a usb cord and move the audio file into the sound folder. Simple.

Want to customize your phone interface on an Apple phone? Nope. Want to on an android phone? Simple. Browse hundreds of user generated themes for your keyboard and various screens. I can go on and on. :relieved:


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I have a google cardboard and nexus 5 cellphone so Android!

Android! Have a android phone… not going to invest in the expensive iOS!

I was so excited about this journey, I forgot to consider one small detail. I have an iphone and a windows machine. :joy:

I suppose I can go out and buy an android phone for now. Has anyone else faced a similar challenge?

I have a Mac and an iPhone so I’m starting with Google Cardboard. I’m a beginner, so this will be ideal for me. But eventually, I’d really like to move to the HTC Vive with Windows. Looks quite amazing!

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Android ^/

Android, since I also work with android studios.

android and google cardboard first, then hopefully other vr on pc later on

Android for me, I’m looking forward to deploying to Cardboard and Gear VR.

Android, definitely :slight_smile: I’m not interested in Apple products.

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I will hit android , ma phones needs upgrade! thinking about a Pixel.

Both iOS and Android. But will start with Android because it is more widely used as compared to iOS

ios please~

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