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Hello, My Name is John Cordeiro, I live in the United States. I am a Technical Artist that wanted to learn game development when i discovered your courses. I absolutely love your style of instruction.

I Graduated from Fullsail University with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Animation - Rigging.
I loved programming and wanted to take it to the next level.

you can view my website at


Hello, I’m Juan Aranda. Currently living in the United States (Mid West). I am a Software programmer. I have a BSc in Physics and close to 20 years as a professional software programmer.


Kind of doing this backwards in that I watch and set everything up then post hah. Anyways my name is Casey Sinclair. I like to think of myself as a an artist mostly but I have been putting on many hats lately with solo indie dev and small teams. Have an associates in CAD which introduced me to 3ds max and got a Bachelors in game art from Westwood. My goal is to make/contribute to an awesome multiplayer game someday(in particular a mmorpg). For now single player games seem a bit more realistic.


Hi, everyone! My name is Joe Duong, I am 22 years old living in the Seattle area. I finished my Bachelor in Software Development last year.

I love video games, especially RPGs, and always wanted to created one of my own. I started this course because I have an idea of a top down shooter RPG.

If you are interested in knowing mroe about me, I have a portfolio at:


Hi there! My name is Stephanie but you can call me Pitu. I Live in Lima, Peru. I’m studying game design.


Hello! My name is Keyan, I’m an advertising art director looking to jump to something I’ve always loved – Game Design! I’ve got a little experience in 3D modeling a little experience in C# and Unity (some from 1 of Ben’s other courses) and plenty of experience in Photoshop and the rest of the suite.


Howdy everyone. I’m Glen and I’m a .Net Developer by trade, but I start work with a mobile game company in Los Angeles in one week and need to fast forward my mobile game/Unity knowledge.


Hey everyone, I am an experienced bussiness applications developer. I always dreamed about developing games.

I haven’t checked all the content but I hope you guys used some real world solutions to problems, as I am sick and tired of watching unity’s stupid tutorials, showing and promoting bad code practices.

Excited already.


Hi everyone. I´m Asier from Basque Country in northen Spain.
I am a 26 years old software developer, I love videogames in general and RPG games specially. I´m taking this course as a hobby for now. Having lots of fun and learning a lot of unity and C#.


That’s crazy, there all software developers or game designers or something that’s pretty cool.

my Name is Oliver im from Germany and I’m just a Barkeeper but I don’t like to work like this anymore so I’m tryin to save my money and start studying Game Development, but in Germany it is really expensive. Actually I’m doing alot of tutorials and thing’s to learn as much as, for me possible.



I’m Adam and I’m an interactive developer in Manchester.

I’ve been getting into VR development and was looking for a game design course that went past basic prototypes, so very pleased to find this course.

It will be fun following along and translating the game mechanics to work in VR :smiley:


Hi i am Clateman from Canada I have been coding or at least trying to learn to code since i was 16 I love computer science I also took the complete unity developer course too


Hello my name is Erik Johnson and I am from the US. I have always loved RPG’s and have wanted to create them. I first played around with RPG Maker. Although I like the old school graphics, I have wanted to make something from scratch. I have been taking classes towards my BS in computer science and look forward to learning more from this course!


Hello fellow coders!

Name’s Mike. High school dropout with tons of mini projects under my belt from robotics to business apps. Mostly self taught, plenty of bad habits, no real contacts to help polish those. Super eager to learn a another skill set.

QBasic Database.BASIC-STAMP.PropellerSpin.VBasic Database GUI.RT Data Acquisition and reports.p5.C++ via Game Institute.6-Axis Robotics Design, Prototyping, Programming, and Optimizing.Node.PHP.
Unity.Blender.Gimp.Automata.Neural and Genetic Algorithms.Embedded systems design.

Try everything!



My name is Nick Malialis. I am from Calgary, Alberta. Classically trained animator.


thats great bit of skill set i got much the same history


hows it going nice to see a artist in this too


Hi my name is Enrique,
I am from Spain, I am a full-time professor at the university, teaching about graphics for 12 years.
Building video games is a magnificent tool for teaching, very motivating.
I am currently using Blender and its Game Engine.
I have recently introduced myself into Unity and want to learn more…
I am open for discussion and cooperation
Best regards,


Hi everyone! My name is Westley and I’m brand new to game development. I just recently started the C++ unreal game engine course on Udemy and am pretty excited. I also I also installed unity and am hoping to make an RPG at some point but I just thought I would just start out with the cheap course on unreal game engine. I have a bit of experience with C++ already but wanted to see it from a game developers perspective.

It great to be apart of the community!