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I´m Julio Villelia from Brazil, I´m currently living in Spain right now.
I’m 35 years old, I work as application engineering building robotics lines for automotive industry. I´m taking this course as a hobby.
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Hi I am Rona, Game Developing is a serious hobby of mine. I love all aspects of it. Want to learn more and develop on the skills I already have.


Hi every one , I’m Certil Remy , I’m not new to game dev , but new to unity codding. I buy this course to build and launch my big RPG game .


Hello, I’m Dan. I live in Billings, Montana and, in time, would like to build an indie game studio. First I need to learn how to build games which is why I’m in the course. I’m happy to visit with others, share ideas, etc.


Hi All. I’m Rob from Wollongong in Australia.

Always had a goal to build my own RPG, something along the lines of Ys / Torchlight . Looking to build this with my 3 sons to teach them about teamwork, coding, etc…

From a Java developer background writing software for web based delivery systems for Navy for the past 15 years.


Hi !

I’m Adrien from Bordeaux in France !

I am a player and work in IT for 10 years now. I’m interested in every aspects of the game creation. I‘m actually at the middle of the Core Combat and really enjoy the course so far ! Great job guys !

So far, I worked on a custom game engine & tools :

(I love rollin potatoes)

and joined two times the Ludum Dare jams :

Now, I aim to make a complete comercial game :blush:

I can’t wait to share some early content !


Hola me llamo Miguel, soy espàñol, me apunto al curso pues siempre me gusto el desarrollo de videojuegos y este curso tiene muy buena pinta.


Hi, i’m Nate i live in the US and i am an aspiring 3D animator and designer. i plan to use this course to create my portfolio and follow my dreams of becoming a 3D animator and create movies and games.


Hi! I’m Harris, I’m a Filipino currently living and working in Thailand. I work as a college teacher teaching English and hospitality. Glad I found this course. I’ve always wanted to make my own rpg game.


Hi, my Name is Zeyad Kurdi, from Saudi, currently studying abroad in Japan, I do hope to find a job in video game industry, my major is programming.

I did make some games using unity with a small team of 10 students, here is my latest game, it was shown at our university booth at Tokyo Game Show 2017


Hi, My name is Delrick Oliveira, Im a student of information systems in the seventh period, i study on University of Amazon State in Brazil. im learning to use unity because i want to know how to develop things with the mixed reality platform from microsoft, and don’t know how the things work, how can i make some interactions and other stuff. Im working on a personal project and i think this course will help me to develop it :slight_smile:


Hi I am Riku-Juhani Niemelä from Finland and kinda stumbled upon your course, as someone who’ve seen parts of you other courses thought that maybe I should finally take the plunge and start learning Unity. I am someone who’s intersted of VR/AR and it’s real life application in the future when the glasses are more manageable, think along the lines of surgeon having clipboards with notes they can place around for easy access.


Hi I am Krushil from India currently pursuing my degree in computer engineering. Currently I am
in second year of my degree. And I am interested in game development.