Intellisense issue

I am having a problem getting intellisense to work (or onmisharp, I am unable to tell which is which).

So my problem is as follows:

  • I actually HAVE some intellisense working (e.g. ‘GetComponent’ or ‘[SerializeField]’ or ‘Rigidbody2D’ or ‘using UnityEngine’ WILL give intellisense suggestions)
  • However, some do not work (e.g. ‘FindObjectOfType’ or ‘DontDestroyOnLoad’ or ‘NotImplementedException()’ )
  • Then somethings I would expect to work, dont (e.g. ‘SceneManager.LoadScene()’ WILL suggest intellisense if it is at the beginning of a line, however ‘SceneManager.LoadScene()’ WILL NOT suggest intellisense if it comes after an ‘=’ sign when being assigned to a variable…)

I am a bit lost and confused and would appreciate any help I can get. Tanks in advance.

Edit: Just noticed that FindObjectsOfType also works only at the start of a blank line…

Edit2: ‘AudioSource’ and ‘AudioClip’ are also in the NO INTELLISENSE at any point group


Please follow the instruction on this website and make sure all required extensions are installed:

If the issue persists, please check the console of VS Code (not Unity!). If the .NET Framework 4.7.1 (Developer Pack) is mentioned there, download and install it from the official Microsoft website. Here is the link:

Did this help you fix the problem?

See also:

Thank you. While your links didn’t fix the issue, they helped me track down the problem.

The Extension “C# for Visual Studio Code” had to be reverted to 1.24.1 and all fixed.


Fantastic. I’m glad you found a solution. :slight_smile:

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