Instead of padding, use sprite size

Instead of an arbitrary padding value, I think the best way to do this is to consider the size of the sprite itself. Here’s what I did:

float spriteSize = GetComponent().bounds.size.x / 2;
xMin = leftEdge.x + spriteSize;
xMax = rightEdge.x - spriteSize;

For example, my sprite is 112 pixels wide. GetComponent().bounds.size.x returns a value of 1.12 which is the pixels / pixels per unit (in this case 100). Then you divide by 2 to get half the sprite size, and adjust the xMin and xMax values accordingly.

Still works if you change pixels per unit or scale of the object.

Now your sprite can go right to the edge if you want!


It works! Just have to remember the component:

float spriteSize = GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().bounds.size.x / 2;


Yes, you are right! I took a look at my code and I had already changed it, although I don’t remember doing so… Brain overload, I guess.

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