I was inspired by seeing a few others expand on the axe game and I wanted to do the same. I added a collectable circle for points and made the “axe” movement a little more erratic.

But how would I compile this into a single file or folder so I can send it to friends?

and how do I share my code cleanly in the form?

Assuming you haven’t added any textures/sprites or other assets to your project. Your code is built into an exe file, also known as an executable file. This is actually the file that gets loaded when you debug your game, so you can give that same file to your friends for them to play your game!

If you also want to share your code or have art/sound assets for it, then you’ll need to include those. My recommendation would be to put everything in a folder with the same structure as your project. Here is an example using Dapper Dasher (the next section in the course)

good to know! thanks! I was under the assumption i had to get them to load the raylib library and set up like we did at the beginning of the lesson.

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