In game view ship flys off screen

hello there, while i was doing the collisions i tried to test run(collisions are working fine but) whenever i test the game after my player ship goes under the bridge the player becomes really small and flys off screen. its fine when i look in the animations (master timeline) it only happens when i play. i can send more information if needed

Hi verse,

Please check your timeline animation. Only the PlayerRig (= the parent) may be animated, not the PlayerShip (= the child of PlayerRig).

See also:

thank you for responding! i have checked the animation timeline and the Player Ship is being animated. i tried Disabling “Enable Tree Colliders” it still didn’t Work

The Player Ship must not be animated.

alright. i have changed the Animation to Player Rig. but am still getting the same problem

Could you please share a screenshot of the timeline animation, so I can see which game objects you animated?

Also check the animation itself. If you inadvertendly clicked a child while animating the parent, it might be that the animation controls the child, too. Please open the animation and share a screenshot of the animation properties (= what the animation overrides while being played).

Here Is an image.

That looks fine so far. The camera and the spaceship are both a child of PlayerRig, aren’t they?
What happens if you disable the broken animation and create a new one for testing purposes? Does the problem persist? If you don’t have the problem in the new animation, you could either recreate your previous animation, or you could open the animation and check (and edit) all keyframes manually.

The animation is not in the TImeline window. Click the three dots (= the menu icon) in the top right corner of the animation track box.

Hello there! i would like to inform that my issue is now fixed, i redid the animation and it now works perfectly, thank you so much for taking the time to help me, i appreciate it<3

Good job! I’m glad it’s finally working. :slight_smile:

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