In game building system like Rust or Fallout

I have looked all over the internet and asset store to find something to help me learn the idea of an in game building system like Rust or Fallout. So far I have come up empty handed. I’m sure a lot of people would love to see a course like this.
Maybe have it consist of

  1. Being able to pull up a menu in game to select objects
  2. The objects take resources from your inventory or some sort of stash
  3. A snap grid system to make building easier
  4. Able to make more than just squares but all sorts of shapes to make building more diverse
    Please if anyone has any more great ideas bring them up.

Thanks for your time


Here is something I found for grid placement for Unreal for someone doing an RTS game:

Grid Placement

For menu to select objects and taking resources to craft, you might look at this video series:

Part 1

Part 8 - Final

I just posted the first and last video for a Inventory/Crafting tutorial in Unreal. It might not be exactly what you want, but I think it should give a good starting point. I would suggest reading a few of the comments in case of any tips or corrections. (You might want to skim through it to see if it is something you’d like as to not waste hours watching it all.)

Bethesda Article and Video for their Modular Level Designs:

Skyrims Modular Level Design
Fallout 4 Modular Level Design

And it would be useful to have a course to show off the building systems of some games. I’m not sure the best engine or programming to use for it though. I have only been using Unreal blueprints not C++ (and not Unity / C#). But hopefully it could be done for multiple engines. Though I think there should be enough information on the respective forums for the engine you are trying to use.

Hope that helps~

I have gone though all the information you posted and thanks for taking your time for doing that. I am using Unity at the moment don’t think i’m going to switch engines anytime soon.

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