In case of multires going big and not matching

I use Blender 4.1.
I had similiar issues like here after deleting multires from low poly.
Baking From Multi Res/Not Applying Basey06vbl_gaMTU3ODEzNzY3MC4xNzA2MzA4NTM2_ga_2C81L26GR9*MTcxNDcwNjExMi44NS4xLjE3MTQ3MDY3NzYuMC4wLjA.

My case without multires:

With multires:

Long story short:
You don’t want to delete modifier. You want to apply it on LP with Level Viewport 1. At least it was solving all my issues.

All steps I did to make it work for me.

  1. Before you duplicate, make sure you have made “Shade Smooth”
  2. Inside multires modifier “Apply Base”
  3. Duplicate object
  4. Apply on HP multires with max Level Viewport
  5. Apply on LP multires with Level Viewport 1
  6. Follow Grant with Baking

Here I show how it looks with level 1 for me.

Here you can notice how level 0 is too big compared to those small visible lines from HP version.


Very helpful thank you.

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