Implement Visual Feedback To Players When Shooting

To be honest, I wasn’t entirely happy with the look of my muzzle flash. Hopefully others have come up with something that looks better. So, show us what you got!

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My first try.

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Still not sure what my theme is… so when in doubt, make a cat! This one is a pyro.



For some reason my muzzle flash seems to instantiate slightly above the targetting reticle, anyone got any idea what might be causing this?

Hi @Josef_Hoffert. Have you tried opening your weapon prefab and checking where your muzzle flash transform is? Perhaps it’s offset.

I’m going for a fantasy theme, so for the weapon I found what the creator calls Staff of Pain. I made it so you click and hold to charge it and release to attack. :slight_smile:


I looked at the staff and I loved it!

Since this is sort of like a fantasy game it’s apparent a staff need a little poof

My take

I’m at this point and I can’t get my particles to show up. They are being instantiated and destroyed but I get no particle effects shown in game mode. It works fine if I follow the video to make this process, but I was trying to create my own especially since I felt the fireball effect should be on the muzzle flash more so then the bullet collision. This is just a single particle effect that I created and was wondering if there was a reason this would happen?

Sorry, I miswrote. What I meant was that my muzzle flash is instantiating, but the hitEffect is instantiated slightly above the targetting reticle!

Shotgun explosive flash

Edit: I’m making a swampland with killer frogs lol

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I had the same problem and it was because in Hit VFX game object’s Shower particle system (or what ever you name it) was slightly off in Y axis at least. Reset those and you’re good to go. This was probably cause because we used standard assets library prefab and modified it without realizing that transform wasn’t quite on 0,0,0.

Well, I guess you’ve already figured it out but for future visitors