Implement Visual Feedback To Players When Shooting

To be honest, I wasn’t entirely happy with the look of my muzzle flash. Hopefully others have come up with something that looks better. So, show us what you got!

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My first try.

Still not sure what my theme is… so when in doubt, make a cat! This one is a pyro.


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For some reason my muzzle flash seems to instantiate slightly above the targetting reticle, anyone got any idea what might be causing this?

Hi @Josef_Hoffert. Have you tried opening your weapon prefab and checking where your muzzle flash transform is? Perhaps it’s offset.

I’m going for a fantasy theme, so for the weapon I found what the creator calls Staff of Pain. I made it so you click and hold to charge it and release to attack. :slight_smile:

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I looked at the staff and I loved it!

Since this is sort of like a fantasy game it’s apparent a staff need a little poof

My take

I’m at this point and I can’t get my particles to show up. They are being instantiated and destroyed but I get no particle effects shown in game mode. It works fine if I follow the video to make this process, but I was trying to create my own especially since I felt the fireball effect should be on the muzzle flash more so then the bullet collision. This is just a single particle effect that I created and was wondering if there was a reason this would happen?

Sorry, I miswrote. What I meant was that my muzzle flash is instantiating, but the hitEffect is instantiated slightly above the targetting reticle!