I'm getting errors

Everything I’ve is just the same as sam, but I noticed that these errors shows up when I type:", public IMenuInterface" in the Game Instance header file, I still have the UPROPERTY(exec) void Host();
as well as the Join(const FString& URL) method.
I tried to launch the editor/ refresh the solution (regenerate solution files) and still not working.

The abstract class is the giveaway. You have defined a method in the header but added no functionality for that method. This means you cannot instantiate that class because it is abstract, i.e. incomplete.

I can’t give you any more details without seeing the source code. The error is in your game instance class.

Is it the Host(), Join() methods? I’ve added the interface to the game instance class which has this 2 methods, do I need to put virtual + override keywords on both methods? I still don’t fully understand how Interfaces works in c++, though I know how it works in Java.

There are not really interfaces in C++. What you do is create pure abstract classes but those classes cannot themselves be instantiated, only the classes you inherit from it. So, if you want to instantiate any class in C++, it must have all methods implemented.
If you add methods in the header, they require implementation .

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Thanks a lot! I will look again at the code today and see what I can do.