If can't use copied code, repaste where it was

because if you copy/cut again, you’ll lose what’s in the paste buffer!

Well…that makes me miss plain old emacs for code editing (which I still use for python, and was using on a c++ project recently on Cray linux: c++, an attempt to do a java-like language on top of old K&R C, designed like the proverbial horse designed by committee that came out a camel–now if we could somehow get the speed of c++ with the cleanness of java…)—with a very long “kill ring” that could hold multiple cut/copied items. When pasting, it pastes the last, but you can cycle through older ones.

I know, there’s a 3rd party extension somewhere that gives windows (not just VS, if I recall right) similar capability, I forget what/where it is.

If you’re in Visual Studio, then Control-Shift-V (instead of just crtl-v) lets you cycle through a ring buffer of your last 10 clipboard items. That’s without any extensions, there are plugins that add functionality like a popup dialog that lets you pick from a list (e.g. VAX, which Ben mentioned a few lectures ago).

Thanks for sharing this. Keep up the great work.

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