I want to build MMO but I can use your advice :)

Hello :slight_smile: I want to build an MMO to show big companies that I can do such a thing. In other words, I want to use the outcome of this course as a portfolio instead of an indie product.

With these in mind, Am I doing the right judgment about going with the MMO decision? I can use your ideas :slight_smile: Warm regards.


MMOs require a server to run, unlike simple peer-to-peer games. The course doesn’t cover dedicated servers which is quite a complex topic. MMOs are also complex in managing large amounts of player data and you also have to consider issues such as data protection, and whether people cheat by using farming or the likes. I would recommend something simpler like a co-op game or something first, perhaps based on the MMO concept.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback :slight_smile: I will keep that in mind.