I need help with making my Block Breaker game 1920 x 1080 (HD)

I followed the Block Breaker tutorial all the way through and it is playable. I wanted to change it a lot but first I needed the dimensions to be 1920x1080p (HD) but I cannot figure out how to do that. I changed the reference resolution in the Game Canvas and changed the display in the Game Tab to 1920x1080p but the mouse cursor continuously get un-aligned with the paddle (It actually does work with the 4:3 aspect ratio and 1440x1080 reference resolution which the course told me to do) so please help me with this soon because I want to work on it more.

EDIT: I also want to release my changed version on Google Play and it does the same thing for any other resolution. I even tested it in Device Simulator as well.


First of all, set your game window to the target resolution, so you will be able to design your game for it. In File > Build Settings > Player Settings, you can set the resolution to 1920 x 1080.

Do the same for other resolutions. For further advice, please feel free to ask our helpful community of students over on our Discord chat server.

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