I made it fall!

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Great that you have things going. Just a little thing for future referene: It’ll be worth learning how to copy the actual code into the forum here and have it format right instead of posting images. If you run into troubles, images of code tends to hinder people helping.

Ok, got it!

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I forgot to mention… Keep up the good work!

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Hey, could you please answer this question? If you can, that is.

Just a heads up, it’s a little frowned upon to cross post. If you’re after someone specific to notify about a thread, tag them in that thread. If I remember right you do it with the @TheirName.

That being said, I already replied to your other thread.

Ok, I won’t do it in the future!

It takes a while to get used to here. You’ll do great. Introduce yourself to @Nina. She’s one of the course tutors and a great problem solver. These days, she’s on here way more often than me.

Actually, I’m just a teaching assistent. I help with the content of the Unity 2D and 3D courses (not the RPG courses, though) but I am not responsible for the content.

Apart from this little detail, yes, I’m here every working day (and sometimes even at the weekends) and assist our students in the Unity > Ask subforum. If you have any questions regarding the content of our courses or need help with your course project, please feel free to open a thread there. :slight_smile:

I did mean teaching assistant, but brain fart typed instructor… Enjoy the promotion /wink