I made a build and uploaded it to itch.io

Access is restricted, password is StephenHubbard


Congratulations on your game :partying_face:

I hope the next parts of the course will be available soon :slight_smile:

Updated version is online now, I added another tilemap layer for easier working on the exits and also added variety on the scene layout.

Ayo that’s sick! Looking great. Excited to see you work on the final product :smiley:

I’ve been out of town the last week which was kinda tricky timing with the course. But I believe the course will be out in its entirety for the official release on March 28th! And we’ll continue to drip out content until then as well. <3

I like the little flash animation you gave to the slimes on death!

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Nice work.

New update for finishing the Inventory & Weapons section!
(@Marc_Carlyon @Stephen_Hubbard @Avocado )

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Updated for the section “Bullet Hell”


Just to close this thread up, I finished the course recently and uploaded the final version as well as a WebGL build, and the project is public now (no need for a password anymore).

Have fun with it!

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