Final upload

My final version is available now here:

With the course being done, the project page is public now.

(I had already uploaded previous versions, see I made a build and uploaded it to for the discussion)

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I don’t have access to a computer for about a week, but I’ll look forward to trying this when I get back from my holiday.

I managed to try your game. It has a nice feel to it.

I noticed that if I keep travelling right, I get looped back to the top of the town scene. I kind of like that, but spacially it was messing with my head.

Aside from that, there were only two other things that stood out to me. I seem to be able to walk around most of your area exits. Perhaps the collision box needs to be wider.

Lastly, I’m more just nit-picking at this point, but in some areas, the arrow projectile travel over the mountains, and in other areas it collides. I know how it is, though. I change something in one scene, and then I have to go back and change it in the other scenes. Prefabs help with that, but not everything is a prefab.

Oh and something I’ve started doing that I’ve not seen anyone mention anywhere is that if I’m experiencing collision issues with a composite collider (I.E. with a tile map), I change the geometry type from “outlines” to “polygons”. For instance, that would prevent the arrows from spawning inside the outline of the mountains and travelling though the internal shape before colliding with the other side of the outline. Outlines don’t seem to be solid shapes, whereas polygons do. :ok_hand:

Good luck with your future projects, and thanks for sharing.

Yeah, I had that “open field” scene at the end of the path (so to say) and actually had its right exit loop back to itself. When I got around to add the town scene I was somewhat lazy and didn’t want to put too much effort into it so I connected the “open field” to its right hand exit and connected the field’s right exit to the town’s top…

As for the exits, theoretically they should have been recessed sufficiently inside the hills surrounding them that you would enter the collider, but maybe I should just widen the exit collider a bit so it overlaps…

One can clearly see these are just some prototyping levels and for continuing the project all of that would be in need of a complete overhaul… :smiley:

As for the pathways between scenes, I think it’s just the player thinking each scene is directly adjacent to each other, while in reality of the whole game’s world map they might not. I can envision a game where you have clusters of scenes that are close to each other (like having a bigger town that might have a west side on a coast, a town centre and in the east leading into some fields and woods), and then you practically fast-travel through the wood until you come out at its other end. And some time later in the game you might learn there’s a cave in the woods and in between two scenes that used to be connected directly suddenly this deep forest clearing is inserted that allows you to travel to the north and eventually get to that cave, now that you have learned about its existence…

One can clearly see these are just some prototyping levels

For sure. I think at this learning stage, some polish may be a good thing, but it’s also probably a good thing to not spend too much time on any single task. Still, I enjoyed exploring your map and figuring out the layout of your levels.

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