I have a problem with dragging the prefab to the correct position

My rocket ship is by default touching the ground. Whenever I drag it onto the hierarchy, it’s correctly placed on the launch pad, like this:

However, when I delete it, and I drag the prefab onto the scene itself (Yes, in center mode), the legs stick onto the ground instead. It basically sees the bottom of the rocket body as the lowest part I guess? Like this: Rocket%20Ship%20Problem

I want to get the rocket ship to be on it’s legs by default when I drag it onto the scene, but I can’t figure it out. Any suggestions?

Hi Charles,

I’m afraid that is not possible. Neither does Unity know anything about legs, nor can it read your mind. It places the object where your mouse is, and that’s it.

What you could test is vertex snapping.

It’s okay I fixed it! I am not sure how, but I figured out, I just forgot to post on here again.

Fixed: My rocket was kind of lopsided due to the rocket body being just far enough down to cause problems. I moved it up a little and everything is all good now.

I’m glad you were able to fix this yourself. :slight_smile:

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