I dont have any simulation errors

What might be cause of not having any simulation errors? :slight_smile: Should i be happy?

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Which errors?

I only get errors when doing what Sam does, driving and turning a lot and then coming back. I can also get simulation errors by running into the other car while turning pretty reliably, so you might try that.

Well noted. Sometimes the errors aren’t noticeable unless you really stress it.

I was about to post the same thing, I even tried running 4 windows. All the cars are in the right place in all screens even after driving around for ages with each vehicle I can park them next to each other.

From what I see, your errors (Sam) occur when you hit ‘Dynamic Objects’ not because of the reasons you mention in the lecture. Granted the concepts are still important but it seems a bit misleading to say they are the cause of these specific problems.

I imagine I don’t get the errors because I haven’t fully implemented my collision modelling yet (I hit walls but can drive through other cars and the plastic cones I have lying around). However even when I ram all the cars into walls (and other static objects) all the windows still look correct.

I am really enjoying the course btw, the maths is hard but its interesting.


Could be lots of factors involved here. I think the reasons given in the lecture are still correct, just that it’s being mitigated somewhat by other factors on your machine.

I would insist that it’s possible to see at least some difference between the objects if you drive very aggressively (with lots of turning) for a long time.

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