I create my original character ! (again XD)


Hope you guys doing well :slight_smile:

Today, allow me to share my Original Character. His name is Nol :smiley:
The idea is a Superhero but with chibi-anime style (I still learn texturing and animation, i’m not good enough at texturing and animation :laughing: )

Pic 1. Nol’s stand pose

In Bahasa Indonesia, Nol means “Zero”. Nol’s design is inspired by Nisaetus bartelsi (Javan hawk-eagle)

Pic 2. Nol is ready

If i may to share, i created Nol everytime art block come through my life. So to overcome art block, i create other things randomly and make them as “my other playground”. Aannnddd it works ! :smile:

That’s what i learnt so far, may i know your thoughts and experiences especially how to overcome whenever you feel art block ?

Nol’s Walk Cycle Animation

Thank you so much. I’m really sorry for my bad english :frowning:

Hope you guys have a fantastic day :slight_smile:


It looks good, also the walking cycle.
I would have added a ground floor that catches a shadow, giving depth to the scene.
But it’s a designer’s choice, to block out shadows.

“Art block”
I know what you are trying to express.
Sometimes, you like things too much. But it blocks the progress of the work.
Some people, like me, call this " Kill your Darlings". Stop using that part, design, color … what is keeping your to progress.

Also looking (reusing) other peoples work and ideas. And start working from that point of view works also. There are many examples in art and music, where people perform the next step on an idea someone else had. Nothing to be ashamed of it.

Also, do many small projects. Start learning the tools you have. Blender, photoshop, video, audio. Mix and combine them, and experiment.
I wish you all the best on your journey. Show your progress on this forum, and have fun.

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Wow thank you so much, sir :smile:
I will add some detail in environment in my next project :slight_smile:

Oh, i think i should try them whenever i feel stuck on my main project :

Sometimes i don’t know what should i do, it’s still long journey and I should trying to be more professional hahaha :laughing:

It’s awesome to learn so many things in Gamedev Community, even how to overcome art block. Thank you so much sir for sharing and your kindness :smiley:

I wish you all the best

That is why we have the Blender weekly Collab. Each time a new subject to set your Blender teeth in. The subjects are diverse, maybe not always in your train of thoughts. But you get practice in very different levels of Blender.

Jump to (where we just started the subject “Gnomes”, which matches your character skills) … have fun.