I can't pick up coins in level 3

I just can’t pick up the coins in level 3, in the other 2 everything works fine

Hi Nick,

Are there any error messages in your console when you try to pick up the coins in level 3? If not, compare your coins in, for example, level 1 with the coins in level 3. There is very likely a difference such as a missing or disabled collider or script. Also check the player.

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No, there are no errors and the coins are the same, I drag & dropped the coin prefab in other levels and they don’t work just in the third level. Also the exit doesn’t work either in Level 3. I have no idea why these things don’t work there. I cloned the second level and put it as the third level and it works just fine.

If duplicating level 2 worked, could you replace or rearrange the sprites in the duplicated level to get what you wanted to do for level 3? Maybe your actual level 3 is broken, which might well be the case if everything is like in the other scenes. Then you could use the duplicated and adjusted scene as your new level 3, and you could delete the broken level 3 file. That’s probably the fastest solution for your problem.

Yeah, it seems like the best option. I just found it weird

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