How to Suggest Course Ideas

Here you can quickly and easily form ideas as a community, and we can build you exactly what you want. The ideas that generate the most interest here and catch our eye will get actioned by us.

How to suggest your idea

Step 1: Look for similar ideas first

  1. Comment on the ideas you like.
  2. Which parts of the idea are you excited about?

Step 2: If it’s a new idea, write a new post

  1. Write a concise and compelling title. (No more than 6 words, should capture the core concept)
  2. Write a exciting description. (Why should students learn this? What key topics should be covered?)

Step 3: Share on Facebook, Twitter and Discord

This will help give the idea the early traction it needs.

We will be keeping an eye on the ideas coming in. The ideas with the most comments and likes will grab our attention the most. So spend some time making those ideas really exciting.

UPDATE :- Please follow the link to see our Vote for new course idea’s.

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Hello Ben!

I envy you, you are living my dream from 30:is years ago.
But then there was life, kids and endless workload…

I have some ideas for courses as well as a load of ideas for structure and refinement.
But I think I will keep most to myself and just enjoy learning cool arts-stuff instead.

Two things though:

  1. I react to the concept of a lengthy ‘one size fits all’ course.
  2. I would like to see more in depth courses that assume something like
    ’The complete blender creator…’ as base.

My old idea had a lot of thoughts around optimizing educational turnout in it.
Who knows, maybe it still applies… hmmm…

And thanks for all your efforts, I’m learning great stuff!


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the best idea to create new course in cry engine v in c++. Because cry engine one of the great engine after unreal engine and it’s great. please ben make course in cry engine v.
thank you.


I started the Unity course in my spare time as I thought coding after a days work would be hard to motivate myself to do and the creativity and possibilities offered by making games made it easy to do sit down and do.

Now though I want a career in it, I’ve loved the course, but the more I did it the more I found I wanted more of the coding. I feel I have a good grasp of Unity I will finish the course in a week or so.

What I would like is now I am comfortable with code now I have context (thanks to the Unity 2014 course), is something much more pure.
Like "today I am going to show you X, it is commonly used for ABC, "
“Now make this little bit of code.”
“Now discus what it could be useful for in the comments”.
… then from the discussion “okay someone suggested this could be used for this … your challenge is to make that, then I will show you how”.

So the code could be for unity projects or features in them, but very little focus on unity other than its a good visual.

This could be acheived using your current git commits of current unity projects and people just upload a git (unity 2018 supports the various unity versions), then with that as a base they add their new code in, so they dont have to spend time doing the unity stuff they can either already do or theyre not primarily interest in.

Also I feel as I am about to finish the course I am now at the point that I would benefit from being given a unity project, with an error in the code and having to fix it.

I’d love to do more TDD that was ace too. Catching the bowling rules was a really good challenge and I liked the idea in a job you would both be working on branches of a project and wouldnt know the whole picture, so being dropped into a project, working it out and then coding a feature or fixing a feature such that it matches a specification (needs to be solved in this kind of way e.g. doesnt store variables as we may want to make it a function later) would be great.

In short Im hooked and would happily have more pure, drier even coding as I feel I’ve got unity enough I can go out on my own and make alot of what I would like given enough time (and someone to team up with to do the assets for me because that doesnt really interest me). however with the coding I have a lot more to learn and having had experience through this course of it I feel I have the experience now to soak up the more technical meanings, explanations that before my brain would of just rejected because I hadnt been immersed enough.

So good work amazing course, jealous of those who will do the 2018 version it looks great.
Would love to have more content set at a level for someone who has done this course already.

Thanks Phil