How to run c++ projects with raylib?

Hello, I started doing the c++ course, but at some point when i updated vscode it just stopped working. I tried many things (several vscode settings, new compiler, changing json files… So i probably made it all worse). But The problem must be a fundamental lack of knowledge on how to run c++ projects with imported libaries. Maybe someone can help me or provide ressources?

This is the error i am getting:

Edit: Sorry i made the misstake of writung this under the Mac lesson. I do not have a Mac. I use Windows.

It seems like there’s some files missing in the .vscode folder in your project when compared to the files contained in our template.

As a result, it seems like VSCode is trying to use a different compiler with different compilation settings and doesn’t actually know where the Raylib headers are.

As i said, i tried fixing stuff on my own.
Here is a fresh template i used:

Can someone provide good ressources that explains how to make c++ project and include libaries?

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