How to make Barry's body rigid?

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Do we have to add another collider to barry?I just have 2 one for head and one for the board.When he is upside down he sinks into the snow(except his board) .I think i missed a part along the path.

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The Rigidbody uses all colliders attached to the same game object as the Rigidbody and to the children of that game object. It forms a compound collider.

If the head collider is a trigger collider, the head will move into the ground. Trigger colliders do not have any “solid” body, they are like ghosts.

Rick’s Barry should have dived into the ground instead of bouncing off. In later videos, you can see, that he doesn’t bounce anymore. Rick suspects that the surface effector made the head bounce in this case. Sometimes, there are undesired side-effects, and since we didn’t write the Collider2D classes or the surface effector class ourselves, we cannot prevent those side-effects.

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