How to implement localization with this dialogue system?

Hello Gamedev, I’m planning to localize my project but I wonder how should I implement localization with this dialogue system? Any direction you can point me towards is appreciated.

I’m thinking of making 2 different versions of dialogue and display them according to the language chosen. It doesn’t sound optimized but I couldn’t find any other ways since our dialogue is pretty much hard-coded in the editor and cannot be dynamically changed.

Thank you very much for your time!

While we don’t cover localization in this course (or any of our courses at this time, this may be a good suggestion for a future course!), what you’ll need to do is substitute the text field with a LocalizedString field and select the proper table/string for that dialogue’s text. Additionally, you’ll need to change the GetText() to get the localizedString.GetLocalizedString() instead of the text field.

For more information, consult the documentation here: Scripting | Localization | 1.0.5


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