How to get Platform to stop a target location?

I want the third platform I created to stay at its target location and not go back to point ‘A’. Do I Create a script for each platform I want to move differently like so In Images below: or do I change existing code in movingplatform.cpp, If I block this line of code on here: line 36 I realize I can stop every platform from moving back to point ‘A’ I just want to block platform 3 to stop at the target location in the image and not go back to point ‘A’:

Any Feedback is Good :slight_smile:


POINT ‘B’ Target Location

Code I blocked: Line 36

So you could do that, but I would suggest maybe we tackle this a bit different. Instead of a new class with just a missing line of code, what if you created a bool and exposed that, then if the bool is true, you could run the return code and if it is false it is a one way trip.

Sounds like a mini challenge of your own. I would be curious to see how you go about it.

Sure or even more generic so if you have platform 4, how about DoesRoundTrip, then you can do:

if (DoesRoundTrip)
  // your return logic

Bryant Thank you for now I follow the class to move forward and take care changes to look and feel pertaining to C++ of game later. I have to look and see if Sam or Ben have a C++ class, I would benefit from it. Do you know of one for beginners @ Udemy or here for Unreal?

If you didn’t try the complete Unreal course give that a start. It teaches C++ and unreal. Multiplayer is bit intermediate level, but still learnable

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