How to change name

Hello, anybody know how to change your visible name. For example, I’d like it if KID_TEACHER wasn’t what showed, rather Christopher Powell which is my name, any ideas?

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Hope this helps…

  1. Click on your profile pic and then the little person icon and when dropdown appears click summary.

  2. Once on summary page, under your username and real name there’s a long horizontal menu underneath. Click on preferences (right side of menu).

  3. On the preference page, left menu click Profile.

  4. Scroll page until udemy profile title appears. Change your username.

Good luck!


Unfortunately that doesn’t work I’m trying to change the name that appears above this text, which is still kid teacher

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Sorry my bad, I thought udemy was automatically linked to gamedev.

A quick search on google came up with this answer: How can I update my username?

Seems gamedev allows changes only within first 3 days of creating account, however you can try contacting them (details in the link).


Ok I’ll contact them, thanks so much for your help


You’re welcome! Good luck


Just want to say that the best solution is to ask a leader. I particularly asked Marc and he changed my name

Just put this out there for anybody who gets the same issue.


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