How relevant is Batching this?

So in the video he explains how you can’t launch two sessions and have them both connect to steam. With that being the case, he has us disable Steam temporarily replacing it with NULL and then has us use a Batch to launch 2 NULL connected versions.

This seems pretty redundant too me since we could just simply launch 2 NULL sessions directly from the Editor without having to go into a config file, set it from Steam to NULL, and then create a batch to launch them with parameters.

Perhaps I’m missing something here?

It’s actually very relevant. Some things don’t work right inside the editor when it comes to multiplayer so running with -WINDOWED -LOG -NOSTEAM -ResX=800 -ResY=600 for example really helps.

In fact, I found myself not even opening the Unreal Editor as I was making C++ changes so just kept running from powershell repeatedly. You may choose not to use it but it is really useful.

Why? Every time you modify a header, there’s a chance of failure to build. This way, you can make the changes and build inside your code editor, then launch 2 instances, no close of the editor, delete folders and launch for testing.

This rapidly speeds up the development cycle. Only when you start working with assets and blueprint do you need to open the editor again.

This is my experience. it may not suit you but I hope this answer helps you understand why you may want to do this.

Context - during the development of the whole Multiplayer Session Subsystem, I think I never once deleted the folders, only worked from batch and code editor.

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Ah, alright thanks that actually makes a lot of sense when you put it that way. Thanks again for clearing that up for me.

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