How many quest per scene?

New to gaming logic and things…
On a terrain 100 x 100
How many quest would be a logical amount for this for RPG\Quest type game?

What is a good terrain size to go with? (100 x 100 seems small to me)


here is my tooltip so far:

Oh yea
sorry forgot to mention what I mean by a quest ( in our game that would be 1 dialogue that gives rewards )

Thanks for helping me understand basics

You’re not going to find a one size fits all answer to this question…

It all depends on the type of user experience you want to give to your players. Remember that the larger the terrain, the greater the impact on performance.

In terms of how many quests for each of these scenes, again this will vary. As somebody who has played a lot of games over the years, I find that a comfortable count of quests that should be active at any one time is somewhere between 3-5 quests. Too few quests, and the player may feel like they are just following a scripted story. Too many quests and the player could get overwhelmed and lose interest. Since quests don’t have to be confined to one scene, a good strategy is to have one or two quests that are “global” in nature, and then a few quests in each scene that deal with just that scene (perhaps a farmer at the entrance to a scene who needs you to slay the wolves that poach his sheep, soemthing like that).