How can I move a topic to another category or sub-category?

Our forum software implements a user trust level feature which limits the functionality of new users.

Assuming that you have met the required criteria, through participation within our community, additional functionality is automatically granted to you, including the ability to reorganise your topics.

Reorganising a Topic;

  • Click on your topic to view it

  • If necessary, scroll to the very top of your topic

  • Click on the Edit icon at the end of the topic title

    <img src="/uploads/db2322/original/2X/3/3239abbf010052b7472b1bc5c674e06cbaeedf92.jpg" width="293" height="58">
  • Click on the drop down categories menu to display available destinations for your topic

  • You can also filter the available desintations by typing into the search field

  • Click on the desired destination

  • Click on the blue tick icon to confirm the changes

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