High fps After shipping to server

hello everyone our team already made a physical based game(cars and tanks game)

now in our local computer runs 120fps and works fine,
but after packaging for server cars running like 2 times faster
everything is replicated and works fine in editor

I Also lock fps(using command t.MaxFps 120) but still 2 times faster
in editor 120 fps is works fine and smooth

also after locking to 30 fps in server using above command the game kinda work fine

Which version of UE are you using?

There’s a setting somewhere in the project settings that enables you to set the framerate. Could it be related to this?

Generally we do not answer questions here related to user projects - we only support the course materials. If you wish to ask about your own project, the best place is over in the gamedev discord, link in one of of the first few lectures.

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Ok mr thank you so much

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