Hi Everyone! Framework Error of Unity :(

I am new here and also unity. I have a problem. When I open the unity and after visual studio. İt came out with an error. Firstly saying that framework 4.6.1 doesn’t exist. After opening the Vs2019 I can’t integrate it to unity. I am a rookie and If you can help me it would be great.

Hi Said,

Welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

Do you use Windows? If so, install the .NET Framework (Developer Pack).

Did this help you fix the problem?

See also:

thank you so much, Nina :slight_smile: I’ve tried so many times but it is not working :frowning: but again I appreciated it.

Do you use a Mac or a PC? Which version of Unity do you use?

And are you able to run Unity? If so, you could try to change the API Compatibility Level in Edit > Project Settings > Other Settings.


Problem solved, thank you Nina

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