Here's Oliver

Here’s my cat, Oliver, also ginger, but doesn’t quite have the body type of a ninja.

After the human head, I thought this would have been easier, but I found it quite frustrating at times. The hair especially took a lot of work. I found a youtube tutorial on how to make procedural eyes, and managed to modify it to make the cat eyes.


That’s awesome! Great job. Oliver is a cutie:)


Oliver looks great! A real Ninja on the prowl.

The hair is very good. It is hard to get right for fur I find. The only bit I would try to alter is the hair going over the nose, comb it sideways? Trim it very short?

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Yeah, the nose was especially problematic. I wasn’t happy when the skin was showing underneath, so that’s why it’s so long and combed the way it is. But I guess I could try coloring the skin differently and trying that.


I think it looks a bit tidier now. I decided to make a whole new particle system just for the nose hair. Also took a bit off the sides, so the head doesn’t look quite as wide.


My 4 year old says “aw, so cute!”

Good job!


Good improvement.


Nicely done, and I like the eyes. This cat does look like it is only prowl, and the leaves leave a pleasing effect. The strong autumn colours lend well to this composition- whether you did that on purpose (thus planned) or not (thus instinct).

Good Job!

Thanks, I was looking at different backgrounds and the autumn colors caught my eye. I figured they would go well with the ginger cat.

This was the tutorial for the eyes. I originally found it for my human head sculpt, but I managed to tweak it by adding a few nodes and make the cat eyes.


Actually, that is the same one I used for a project I just finished.

Here are the eyes:

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