Help with process to add med unit


Here is where i am at:

  1. Drag the Unit prefab into the scene
  2. Drag it back to prefab folder and choose Prefab Variant
    3 Rename it to the new unit you are making
  3. Next up UnitSpawner Drag the prefab template into the scene
  4. Drag it back into the prefab folder and choose Prefab Variant
  5. Rename it to the new unit you are making
  6. Next Up projectile for it
  7. Drag the projectile prefab into the scene
  8. Drag it back into the prefab folder and choose Prefab Variant
  9. Next up the UnitspawnerPreview Drag into the scene
  10. Drag it back into prefab folder and choose Prefab Variant
  11. Rename it for the unit you are making
  12. Next Up check the Scene_Menu’s NetworkManager
  13. Registered SpawnablePrefabs is the spot to tweak based on any prefabs that you need to add
  14. In the Map_0x check any buttons on the BuildinsDisplay canvas
  15. Check on the Player Prefab for the Buildings Elements as needed
    Ok thats the tedious stuff now for customization…
    Time to tweak all 4 prefabs for that one unit.

In our example choose the SmallUnit Prefab and find a model to add as a child
Tweak all components within the small unit prefab.
Note: Be sure to add an empty game object and name it AimAiPoint in the spawner
BE SURE TO LOOK AT ALL COMPONENTS within the prefabs themselves
Just go down the list one by one for each each specifics you want

The above is very close to all steps for creating a new unit for use.

Check Ids as you go NO DUPS
example… smallunitspawner id = 1
medUnitSpawner id = 2
largeUnitSpawner id 3
In the building script is where you can see the id’s
keep track yourself – develop a plan for expansion

Next up buildings

How do i get the new unit to work?
I added button to building canvas but it does not work.

Hi Steve, are you having trouble getting the new unit type to spawn from the building? Or are you having trouble setting up a new building for the new unit type? I didn’t quite understand.

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