Help: ball and paddle are invisible on level 2 but still functioning

ok i’m not sure what is going on here. i just finished the adding a second level lesson. created a new scene and added in the prefabs. connected the paddle to the ball, and everything works great. However, the player cannot see the ball or the paddle on the screen. i’m using Unity 2019.4.12f1 Personal. the object’s are their, and the ball destroys the blocks, and interacts with the colliders, but you can’t see them. sorry i forgot to crop the picture.

Things i’ve tried:

  1. Reloading unity
  2. deleting the objects from the hierarchy and re-adding them
  3. deleting, and adding back the sprites.

Hi Natalie,

Is the z-position of the background set to 10, the z-position of the camera to -10 and the z-position of the other game objects to 0?

Did this fix it?

See also:

Yes they were, but it still was invisible. Ended up deleting the scene and rebuilding it from the prefabs. This time it worked fine. I did adjust the sorting priorities in the sprite renderer as somebody suggested in the discord to prevent similar glitches.

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