Hey, I’m a professional game dev who’s worked in Unity for 5+ years. Considering a job at a studio that uses Unreal, so I’m hoping to use this as a crash course in Unreal. Time to see if the grass really is greener.

Hi and welcome to the community.

Is your need to learn multiplayer within UE or UE in general?

if it is UE in general, you’d best take the Unreal C++ course. This will cover a bigger range of features compared to this course and is a lot more advanced as well in that it assumes you already know Unreal Engine and the basics of Blueprint and experience with Unreal C++.

Saying that, given that you know C#, some of the syntax will be familiar at least.

Anyway, good luck with the course and hope I can be of some help throughout the course.

Thanks for the tip. If I run into too much trouble I may check out the other course but I’m pretty confident in my ability to google my problems away.

Actually regardless I’ll check the other course’s content sometime to see if it lines up with my learning objectives.