Hello World!


My name is Joris and I’m also known as solo indie dev Lunatinc.
Not so long ago I released my first game on Steam called Rumble Runners, but I am having some issues with it making online lobbies.

That’s why I am here again; to learn all about making proper sessions through Steam so that my game can be enjoyed way better by a larger community! :slight_smile:

I do really hope I learn everything I need to know through this course as Rumble Runners has been in development for way over a year, and not to sound biased, I really like my own game and would love to play it online myself! :smiley:

See you later! :slight_smile:


I feel so happy when I see people who have achieved what I want to achieve. I hope you can solve your problem as soon as possible.
Welcome again to community!

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I hope the course helps.

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Well, I almost achieved what I want but I am close at least :smiley:

Well I already learned how to use the command prompt to debug standalone games so that is already a good sign!

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