Have you used dictionaries before?


If so, what for? And don’t say looking up words!

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I once used a dictionary to prop up a webcam.

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I was totally lost here and had no chance of completing that challenge! BUT I think that’s just the vibe for this whole saving section for me. I’ll just battle through it and hopefully get back to understanding the content in the next section!


The save section is a little more advanced by necessity. I will prefix it with a warning and an asset bundle that can be downloaded to skip the section.

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I don’t mind knowing about it as it’s been helpful to learn what serialization actually does! I just no idea how I’d implement this again on my own as it hasn’t clicked. Of course one day I’m going to need to know how to save some piece of data in a game beyond playerprefs so I’m glad it’s there.

More competent developers are probably all over this but that’s a great idea about putting the video and package up front for those that aren’t interested in this level of complexity.