Hanging wrong way

Hi, any one seen this behavior before? i jump straight at the ledge

and this is how the collider is on the ledge:

also noticed that i can jump up and hang on other places there is no ledge, only an Mesh collider

Likely problems here:
Hanging wrong way: Your ledge detector is not positioned correctly. The ledge detector’s forward vector should point toward the front of the player.
Hanging anywhere: You ledge detector is not on the ledge layer, or your ledge layer is not set to ignore collisions with anything but ledge
Ledge should only collide with itself

The second was the correct. I forgot that one. Unity crashed at a point before i had saved the work i did with hanging, so i had to do alot all over, the scripts was setup but connecting and edit animations and stuff, but i forgot about the layers. Thank you very much

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