Halloween 2020 - project decomposition

Project break down - Halloween collaboration week 39

You basic pumpkin. No cut-outs (eyes, etc.), because these will be small.

A simple spider will be displayed small. No details except for the sparkling eyes.


Not sure why this text is messed up. But it has its charm (lucky accident).

Some lighting equipment. I had many problems with the flame. I planned a smoke (flame) simulation. But complexity grew. Ended up with a shading nodes solution. Transparency and colour. I did not want to use a flame bitmap. Just using blender power.

Shiny things … added a plain object as water line/surface. works well.


We need bones for Halloween …

And skeletons

A test render, blurry stained glass.


Woah the level of detail in everything (from shape to texture and shaders) is astounding! I can’t wait to see everything put together.


You and me both, as I think it’s going to be amazing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent as usual.

What is the brown sludge in the bottom of the glass bottle?


I’m guessing its dirt, maybe for a plant or for decoration in like a fishbowl (for the skeleton fish?).

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Just a test render I did before to see Halloween color schema.


1920x1080 2 hours CPU 1024samples Cycles.


Awesome! Nice work man. I really like the reflection/refraction in the glass/water. You’re going to enter this in the Collab, right?


I think I’ve spend 50% of the time in test renders to fix of tweak textures, lighting etc.
Many problems I encounter can be solve in post processing (composition).
Which is a slow process.
And a subject not much discussed in the Blender lessons.

Here’s my compositing nodes to create a halo, lens flare around the main flame. And a vignette (dark image corners).


They are both subtle, but really add something to make it special. Nice work once again.

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As @Tyger2 mentioned it already, the candle subsurface lighting could be better.
It was lost somewhere in my material composition part.
And it was an important part of my first concept, see below.
But somewhere in my progress, it became less and less visible … and out of sight, out of mind


Have to be supercritical to find anything to suggest an improvement. The candle material is not ‘waxy’, the subsurface stuff issue I suspect. Also the flame. It is too soft topped smooth shaped. I feel real flames go up to a point and are distorted by the slightest draft.

I guess now I have noticed I better mention it. :grin: Two skeletal hands, apparently from the skeleton’s viewpoint, as the rest is not in front of the camera and the arms angle towards us. The hands are on the wrong sides. Left hand on the right, right hand on the left.
Ok It might be lying down on a table with its hands up holding both. That works. :wink:

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So true, there are two lefties. I see it as artist freedom … I wanted to show more fingers.
In the correct position, they will behind the candle. The bones, with an armature, can be easily be inverted from left to right. Who notices this …
As always, the sharp eyes of @NP5 don’t miss much.

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