Got my First Plane Finished Let me know what you think


Looking very cool! :slight_smile:

Incidentally, if you paste the full URL into your post it should embed the Sketchfab view straight into your post :slight_smile:

(some details from Ben here which may help, I’ve not done it yet myself)

Yeah for some reason I always get the new user can only post 2 links per post message. Not sure why seeing as I am only post 1 link lol. Oh well soon as that is lifted I will be good.

Try to write some words before the link and leave one empty line before AND after the sketchfab link. You should see the embedded sketchfab model in the preview window on the right side already.

very nice work xxx, I’ve been working on this tank/vehicle, it’s going to have a big gun on top, but it’s a t-shirt gun - make love, not war - lol xxx

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