How to Share Your 3D Models


Mainly for Blender students, but anyone’s welcome to showcase their work here!

How to embed live 3D models with Sketchfab!

  1. Pack the textures in your .blend file (see how)

  2. Upload your model to

  3. Grab the long URL*

  4. Paste the URL in your post.

  5. Ensure there is a blank line after.

*Example of long Sketchfab URL…

Wizard Scene
Got my First Plane Finished Let me know what you think
Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge
Testing Sketchfab embedding


There’s an example


@McFuzz @GamedevCala @Michael_Bridges I have made this post a Wiki, please feel free to share better instructions to show others how to do this.


Here are the Official Sketch Fab instructions: