Godot Mobile course screen scale android issue

Hey there, just been doing the Mobile Godot course and been really enjoying it.
I noticed while testing on my own android phone, that the screen scale issue where the top of the top score panel on Jumper Jam has quite a large gap. The tutor talks about how to fix for iPhone, but sadly it is the same on my Google Pixel 8 Pro. I’m unsure how to fix this. Can anyone help please? Thanks

Darren did some digging on this a while ago and came up with a good solution, so I’d give this a read-through first:

If you still have trouble with it, show me your code (and if possible, a picture of your phone screen with the game running so I can see the current result) and I’ll see if I can help =)


This worked perfectly! Thank you.
Pics below




Awesome! Glad I remembered this. Have fun with the course =)

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