Get your stuff together!

We are paying to learn UE5… That means we do not want to learn UE4!!

Material provided is outdated and not up to par!

Really wasting our money here…
What do you plan to do with it? Give us what we pay for?


Mrs A Minus,

The reason you may be seeing this is because the project was built in UE 5.0 Preview 2, and you have opened it in a newer version of the engine (I guess 5.1?). This course actually occurred in the past, and UE 5.1 didn’t exist in the past.

You should be more kind to the people providing this course.


It isn’t that big of a difference bro, the interface usually stays the same just with added features as updates come out, even if it was a UE4 tutorial you would be able to complete the tutorial because your UE 5.1 or whatever you have, has the old features just with new ones…this isn’t that big of a deal.

Trust me, I have like 8 bought courses from gamedev tv and have build many games, it really doesn’t matter if the tutorial is a year behind.

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Bro it’s prolly because your name has no spaces you the person prolly thought that it’s Mrs in the beginning rather than Mr or it being one whole thing, and like said before, it doesn’t matter if the course is old as long as it isn’t many years old because when unreal comes out with updates they are just adding packages or smoother graphics, not something major like the code or major editor changes… But since you seem to be agitated with the course I’ll give you a YouTube channel that is amazing with unreal:

He has a bunch of UE5 long tutorials, however I’m just gonna say that you could at least use gamedev tv for their c++ parts of the tutorials if your worried about the course being outdated because the code part doesn’t change and it’s very useful to learn.

the name is intentionally 1 word, not 2 combined as you could think…

it is bad when you have to pause the course you pay money for to go to youtube to find out how to do stuff so you can continue the course.
some sections have been skipped all togheter due to not beeing the way to do it anymore, like controller settings etc… i stopped watching since i spent way more time trying to find out how to actually doing things than do it… since its not the same way…

And when you call it a class for UE5… why would i then spend usless time downloading UE4 to open project files to convert them to UE5?

Creating anything tutorial like, using a exerimental preview is bad… even a noob like me know that there will be big changes before release… so, paying to learn how it is not working is not something i want to do… and if you do know your ways around everything, why bother doing a class to learn how to do it? im here because i dont know, and i want to know… and i still want to know, but my money gave me not that…

Regarding the C++, i have not open it, i have taken a few different classes for C++, and yes… i do have alot to learn there, but i can not say its tempting to do anything from these people

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Well if you are new then I suggest going through the course without questions, I do programming as well and have for many years and when I started I wanted to do the interesting stuff, but I learned that sometimes you need to do the stuff that makes no sense first.

I honestly don’t know why you would get UE4 first. But in my experience it doesn’t hurt to have multiple versions of an editor either. Also I would recommend, if possible, just to try committing to the courses for a week or so, and who knows, you might be surprised.

Hi mrsaminus,

I am sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, Please do feel free to contact the team on the contact us link on the bar at the top of this page. They should be able to facilitate a refund if within the time period.

To address a few of your concerns

We are paying to learn UE5… That means we do not want to learn UE4!!

This is not factually correct, The course was created using 5.0 which is advertised in the course preview, The set up video and also on the top of every single intro slide in the course.
You should be following along in 5.0

I can appreciate you are not happy but that does not give you the right to breach the rules that you agreed to on signing up to the forums and abusing other members of the community.
This include making deliberate typos of usernames to insult other members.

How can i follow this course?

If you download the 5.0 version then you should be able to follow along as little has changed aside from the input system.
When making a course we use the latest version available at the time and the input system was a bigger update to unreal that came later. The instructor does have a series of videos on how to convert to the newer input system but from what i understand its not just a simple process and would require a completely new course to be built around it.

If you have our Unreal Action Adventure course that i believe is in 5.1 and does teach the new input system.

As i mentioned before if you purchased the courses from our site you can contact the team to see if a refund is possible if you are not completely satisfied.

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So what you say is that i should download 5.0 to follow the course, and then later having to convert it all to be able to use things i have bought that do not support 5.0? and having to do alot of conversions that is so massive that it would take an entire course to explane it? really??

that is just wasting alot of time learning how i can not do things…
and wasting even more time trying to find out how to do stuff in 5.1…

i wasted enough time on idiotic stuff like that by using over 1 year taking unity classes…

so no… i do not waste my time learning things that is massivly different

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So what you say is that i should download 5.0 to follow the course, and then later having to convert it all to be able to use things i have bought that do not support 5.0? and having to do alot of conversions that is so massive that it would take an entire course to explane it? really??

That is not what i said, I stated that at the time of the course release it was only 5.0 available and the new input system was not available. Converting a project to the new input system would take on average a 5 hour video which Stephen does have on his you tube channel rather than building a new course based on it which takes considerable less amount of time.

Our future courses will be working on the new input system so they are built based on the new input system.

I have raised your concerns with the team however with regards to this course.

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That is was i got from these sections…

You should be following along in 5.0

If you download the 5.0 version then you should be able to follow along as little has changed aside from the input system.

I did download 5.0, the project files did not want to open in 5.1… but they did not want to open in 5.0 too… so i had to download UE4…the screenshot at the top is from 5.0 btw…

So i had to use quite some time to download 2 engines just to be able to even open project files…

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Thank-you for this information, I had a version of 5.0 installed on my machine but i had to reinstall windows so its going to take some time to verify the install and possibly update it to 5.0.3
I will look into this issue as soon as its done and see if i can replicate it.

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The asset pack has now been updated to support 5.0, so there’s no real need for UE4 on this occasion (although I assume more asset packs will be used later in the course so I’ve made the UE4_assets project anyway).

I didn’t run into any errors from taking these steps:
Downloading UE5.1.1 (Stephen does mention using the latest version available, I thought that meant latest version of UE5, but it could have been latest 5.0 release).
Opening base FPS project as provided in the first tutorial of this course in 5.1.1.
Saving project once opened in 5.1.1.
Adding the asset pack to the new 5.1 FPS project from the library tab in Epic Games launcher.

Still following along without a hitch so far, but haven’t reached the inputs part. I will seek out Stephen’s YouTube channel for the updated instructions, thank you for the heads up!



I’ve completed the first lecture using 5.0.3 and using the assets provided as they are from the resources.
I wonder if you first opened the project using 5.1 and so the assets got set to that version and they dont work.

As they are working for me then i suggest the following process.

  1. Delete the project folder you were using.
  2. Ensure you have 5.0.3 installed and no other version of 5.0
  3. Unzip the assets for the course into a new folder.
  4. Open the uproject file and select 5.0 when the drop down appears.

This SHOULD open the project in 5.0.3 without any issues with the assets, I’ve added a screenshot to show that it is working in 5.0.3 using the above process

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Finding Stephen on you tube was not as easy as i suspected!

The new input system is done in C++ but the set up on how to create the system is the same for blueprints.
I havent checked but its just using the IA_ controls you create in the blueprints.

Heres his channel link as it may help as well :slight_smile:


Right you are, I would have struggled to find that! Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:


If your not to far In you could make the switch to unity, unreal is more advanced and maybe it’s better you start with something like unity. Unity is just as good and can do all the same stuff as unreal with the exception being unreal is better for games like legends of Zelda, and unity is way better with 2D stuff, unity is still really good with 3D. Besides that there’s no complications with converting stuff because I’ve converted projects from 2019 to 2022 and back with no hassle because unity does that for you. Just a suggestion, but maybe unity might be better for you, gamedev tv has really good courses for unity btw.

when i had the issue i deleted the folder i tested with 5.1 in case there was a curruption while downloading, made a fresh project in 5.0.3 and used a new download (but with no luck)
so i deleted that and tested 4.27.2 and it opened

I started with Unity, and took some larger classes, but since my project is a huge open world i got recommended using UE

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I see, well you could always do virtual reality which unity is good at, unity learn has regular virtual reality and mobile virtual reality, also you could still build similar stuff as unreal you just can’t have a bad computer, and it can’t be a overwhelmingly big game… I wish you luck though in finding what you want to do.

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